Unattended Ground Sensor Surveillance

EdgeVis Shield can protect against border incursions, whether on foot or in vehicles, and can even guard against tunneling, drones and microlights. This is a ‘digital wall’ that people can’t go through, go under or go over without being detected. The solution has been used to prevent drugs and weapons smuggling, people trafficking, as well as material threats to border security.

​​Unattended ground sensors (UGS) form ​part of the EdgeVis Shield solution for monitoring and securing wide areas, remote assets and extended perimeters.

 The sensors will reliably detect and classify people and vehicles, filtering out false alarms, and can be easily integrated with remote cameras and wireless surveillance hubs to form a complete integrated surveillance solution for visual confirmation of targets.

Weighing less than 0.5kg and with an ingenious screw-in design for ease of use, the sensor nodes are portable, redeployable and designed to ensure optimal contact with the ground for exceptional seismic-sensing performance.

As part of an integrated surveillance platform, unattended ground sensors (UGS) can provide a cost-effective alternative to conventional measures, especially on sites where perimeters are in extreme locations or constantly changing.

For further information, please review the following presentation:

UK.D.017 – RDC – Ultramesh