Suicide Bomb Detection

The most important mission of next-generation security solutions is to provide the best security without interfering with the daily routines in public places. However, to date, anti-terrorism teams, security forces or private security companies have spent a lot of effort to reach this mission worldwide without reaching a perfect solution.

In order to provide such security, it is necessary to bring together all the elements of innovation, high performance, production capacity, automatic decision making, remote detection, low cost and easy integration with existing security systems.

After 12 years of research and development , Apstec Systems has developed the Human Security Radar (HSR), the first real time suicide bomb detection system in the world that does not interfere with free people flow.

Human Security Radar™ (HSR™) is a fully automatic, walk-through system that screens people in real-time for hidden explosive threats and firearms.

Apstec have developed breakthrough technology that solves one of the most challenging dilemmas of our time, the need to provide high level security in public places with minimal disruption and inconvenience. Apstec’s HSR technology combines multi-threat detection, high throughput and exceptional accuracy and genuinely fills a massive capability gap.

We are the main business partner in Turkey for Apstec Systems solution.

For further information, please review the following presentations:

HSR Flyer 2016

HSR Data Sheet 2016

HSR Brochure 2016