Lie Detection

In April 2014, a law passed by the Assembly initiated a polygraph test for staffing MIT and Police organizations.

The polygraph, invented by CLEVE Backster, measures the reactions of the human brain and body to carefully selected questions. 4-6 sensors are connected to the questionable person. Signals from the sensors are graphically recorded as the rate of breathing, pulse rate, blood pressure and sweating. After 3-4 simple questions asked at the beginning of the test and the responses given by the person are measured, the real questions are sorted and the signals are recorded. An expert keeps the graphics under constant control to determine which questions the signals change. Increased heart rate, increased blood pressure and sweating are considered the first indication of lying.

However, the most accurate result of a lie detector in the United States, especially the FBI and CIA’s candidate officers, is 50 percent.

EyeDetect, a new system presented to visitors for the first time at the UK Security Expo in the UK in December 2016 after a 12-year research & development period, now takes the place of old method polygraph as a new generation technology solution, not only in public institutions, Will be an indispensable tool for all companies that attach importance to human resources.

With the system based on the principle of “Eyes Do not Lie”, we can solve sensitive issues such as terror linkage, drug trafficking and money laundering in the public; New recruitment in the private sector is aimed at internal corruption, misconduct, sexual harassment, mobbing, theft, information espionage and the like.

We are the exclusive authorized business partner of the British EyeDetect solution in Turkey.

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