Drone Prevention System

Drone’s, one of the most popular hobby devices in recent times, have entered into every aspect of our lives today. Drone is a word that comes to the meaning of “male bee” in English and it is used to define “unmanned aerial vehicle”.

Useful areas include rapid product delivery, search and rescue operations in areas of serious risk to humans, next-generation news reporting, media / marketing, and agriculture.

However, the fact that the same drone is suitable for malicious use has also led different groups to use these devices for action. Among the areas of malicious use, we can list, industrial espionage, data theft, secret recording, unlawful surveillance, assassination and acts of terrorism.

Today, there are various integrated systems that can block these drones in the face of malicious use. We offer various solutions according to the needs of the private sector or the public and the risk dimension that needs to be prevented.

We are the main business partner for Drone prevention solution of PDA Electronics in Turkey.

For further information, please review the following presentation:

Akba Repulse Presentation